Krystal and Saagar Unleashed

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti left the Hill to do their own independent broadcasting

Eric Meyer
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Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti announcing their future with Breaking Points — image from The Vanguard on

Last week, many of us that have been watching Rising from The Hill, found out that Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti were leaving The Hill and Rising. Many of us weren’t sure what was going on. I’ve been watching Rising for a little over a year and found that both of them I can agree with on particular subjects and news that they covered, especially the questions of accountability and responsibility.

We now realize through a new channel on YouTube, that the reason why left wasn’t due to something that The Hill did to them, like getting laid off or fired. It was they wanted to become independent due to how they consider themselves anti-establishment. This was a relief to many that have supported them throughout the two years they have been on The Hill. Even though they have their differences in ideology, the fact that both are anti-establishment and question the accountability of authority is very similar. It plays out the same way of how Progressives/Left and Libertarians can have similar view about the current government. Yet, the differences would be our solutions. One would be a good and responsible government that is for the people, while the other is to have no government or hardly any government to be the authority and creating so many regulations. At least that is how I see Libertarians.

Now that a couple of episodes have come up, the first one was brought through not just to Breaking Point, their new channel, but was also on Secular Talk and The Realignment. The talk was about why they left The Hill. Most of the reasons for doing it have been for the fact that they kept talking anti-corporate points and yet, here they were in a corporation. The Hill gave them certain restrictions and the corporate control factors made them limit what to say and what to use. If they would get in trouble for saying something bad about a corporation or someone from a corporation that their boss would tell them to back down or stop on that person or corporation. This is most likely due to the person they’ve talked about is a donor for The Hill. They wouldn’t get hit directly by that person, but from their boss instead.

Here is the video from their reveal:

In a Youtube video from Secular Talk, Kyle Kulinski, talked about how from his experiences while getting a podcast with Krystal for Krystal Kyle and Friends and how The Hill restricted her from mentioning the podcast that she was a part of. The thing that Kyle was talking about was how bad they had been and how that they told Krystal that they “owned her on Youtube” when she was trying to get the podcast on YouTube. He also mentions how when they did their “leaving message” last Friday, was taken down, comments have been turned on and off, etc. According to Kyle, there was something going on and the corporation was trying to gain control.

The truth about Corporations

Now, I don’t know how much Kyle knows about how corporations usually do things, but they do the “owning” of their workers because that is the culture of corporations. This is something that has been around the whole time in corporations that the things you do in the corporation, is now part of the corporation. This also means that whatever messages that come up, they have the ability to control it due to the fact that once it becomes part of the corporation, it is of the corporation. As above with stating to Krystal that “they owned her on Youtube,” was due to the fact that Krystal Kyle and Friends would be considered competition and that since Krystal was of The Hill, she can only represent The Hill in their view.

Now it would make sense when you are in the corporation and you leave in good standing to do your own independent work, you’d think that they would be respectful of them due to what they’ve helped The Hill money wise. Unfortunately, once they are gone, they lost control and due to the fact that Krystal and Saagar have a huge following and are now afraid of the popularity will be for them and how The Hill may lose viewers. Krystal and Saagar are now considered competition and The Hill will fight them and that is why they’ve changed some things about their “leaving message” from last Friday. If people saw the “leaving message” and no longer see that message, they may not want to watch Rising any longer. No matter who is taking their place, they may or may not keep their viewership due to how corporations do things in order to keep control. Of course, this is for those that have been watching and loved how both Krystal and Saagar do things.

Now, the control isn’t just something they can do within, but many corporations have their people that can take things away from those that have views that are contrary to the views they are trying to propagandize. This is where the idea of censorship becomes a problem. Sure, many of us were fine when those that were conservative extremists that may have had some doing with the January 6th insurrection. Yet, what else also happened? Many leftist and progressive Youtube channels suddenly became de-monetized. Sure, you can still view them at least, because the views they have aren’t extreme, but can be good, just that they question authority and the accountability of that authority. Many have had to do other things like going on Patreon in order to keep the money flowing since they lost YouTube as a source of income.

Interestingly enough, this was something Krystal and Saagar were worried about on Rising before it happened. The problem with censorship isn’t always about those who get censured but who actually does the censuring might be the bigger problem. Youtube within itself is also part of a bigger corporation and will also take some level of control of the message while those who are truly independent in their views and doing what they do for work, might still get screwed because of Google trying to control the message. This is no matter if your message is a good message about accountability and responsibility, or if it is threatening and destructive message for something like the insurrection.

Becoming Independent, becoming unleashed

I’m glad that Krystal and Saagar are doing their own thing. It sounds to me based on the above video of their talk of why they are leaving, feels to me, that they can speak their real mind in ways they couldn’t on The Hill. It does feel that some of their talks will be more and more unleashed rather than kept on a leash by corporations. It also seems like they have opened up more on Twitter about what they are thinking about and planning on doing.

I will be watching and possibly listen to their podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Those who feel they want as much content as possible, are able to go into the Premium edition on their website.



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